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Monday, October 22, 2007

Rhinebeck 2007

A pictorial tour of my impression of the 2007 NYS sheep and wool fest in Rhinebeck.
Somehow I missed taking pictures of some of the tens of thousands of people that came!
Here's the early morning arrival on Saturday. This vast parking lot would later be filled with vehicles.

The Sliver Moon Booth, where I helped out. Kay and Laurie graciously let me sell my own handdyed yarn. See top row, first three grids from left.

On the left is Robin from Yorktown Heights, NY, a knitter I met through KnitTalk, a yahoogroup we both belong to. So nice to see her in the flesh, finally! That woman can knit, by the way...oh my.

Here are some of Laurie's gorgeous creations. That's a load of sock yarn that has to dry out from the horrendous rains the day before.

My purple jacket on display at Decadent Fibers.

My lace shawl on display there, too.

Autumn glory...

Some really colorful felted hats:

and spun mohair locks:

This booth, Hope Spinnery from Maine, makes all their yarn in a spinnery that's windpowered! Yay! We really enjoyed having them as our booth neighbors and hope to see them again next year. I bought some of their naturally dyed roving:

And finally,

if I had one of them pickles there, I would probably feel like this:

And shortly before I went to see these guys,

about 30 minutes before the festival closed on Sunday, I saw the Yarn Harlot. I stopped for one nanosecond to say hello, but she was telling someone about how there was a pint of beer waiting for her...and off she dashed. But she wore that beautiful Kauni cardi. It was gorgeous, even from behind!

If the weather holds up, I will take pictures of my goodies that I bought tomorrow.
PS: Anna, if I had had my wits about me, I would have taken a picture of your gorgeous socks when we had lunch together! I am sorry I was too delirious with fatigue to think straight. Also, I think I have more of that yarn that you are running out of!

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