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Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I am not sure what is going on.

I have had no news from Amy Singer/knitty.

I got two replies from folks who were ready to tell me what they are doing to help fight global warming. I am wondering if it is worth it to bring up the subject over and over.

It is my belief that we need to talk about it to everyone, at least once a day. :) Bring it into the forefront of people's consciousness.

Because while we are sleeping, lots is going on. Read this.

Of course I can't make anyone go to any of the links.....I also can't tell you what to do or not to do. If you are waiting for me to tell you what I am doing, I use cloth grocery bags. We have one car. Out of necessity, but there it is. I can't stand disposable anything, so cut back on that as well; we use cloth napkins at the dinner table; lights go out when someone leaves the room; I combine errands as not to use the car more than I have to. When I can walk, I walk. My dear husband bikes to work several times a week. We have been vegetarians for 20 years. I wear my clothes and shoes until they are worn out. In the winter, the thermostat is set to 64 during the day and 68 when the kids come home from school. After 10 pm, no heat. We use recycled paper products whenever possible. Non-petroleum based dish-detergent and laundry detergent. I am kicking myself for not having changed lightbulbs to the more energy efficient ones.

This morning, I was dyeing some yarn. I LOVE it, love the result, but am seriously concerned about my energy and water use. I will dye what I have and sell it at the NYS Sheep and Wool Fest, and then I have to make up my mind....I think letting go of things we love, or love to do, is the hardest. That's why people don't want to think about the consequences of climate change. It would mean letting go of certain comforts, or re-arranging one's life a bit. But think about what will happen if we don't do anything.

Do you know any babies? I know quite a few. I love babies. I love to hold them, and rock them, and knit for them. I love to see their personalities develop, the people they become.

Next time you are privileged to see or even hold a baby, just imagine what the world will be like for that child if you don't do anything at all to help with this global warming business.

Getting off the soapbox now.

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Jody said...

Almost every light bulb in my house is a CFL (compact flourescent). The reason why they aren't all CFL's is because they can't be used on timer lights, otherwise they would be too. We also recycle anything that has the recycling symbols. I want my new grandson to have a great world in which to live too!