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Sunday, October 14, 2007

USB cable found

I am sorry to put a crick in your neck,

but I cannot get that first picture to turn the way I want it to. I rotated it after I uploaded it, and still it appears sideways here.....my apologies.
So this was last week's project. Make a long strip out of 47 small triangles, then make 25 flowers from 5 triangles each. Attach flowers to the strip and each other. Like I said, I didn't manage the sewing together part in time... the flower centers were also going to get a crystal bead in the center.
I hope it all came together in the end.
PS: I went to my knitting group today (this is a Sunday group of friends that meets when it can, dating back to the time I had my shop); I brought my hand dyed yarn for show-and-tell. One woman was so enchanted with it she bought two skeins right then and there! Now I have hope that I'll be able to sell some at the sheep and wool fest.


Jody said...

This scarf is darling! It's so feminine and froo froo. I love it!

AmyS said...

The scarf looks beautiful! Are you sure it isn't hard to make? Sure looks like it.