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Thursday, October 18, 2007

"very easy, very vogue"

I am in the middle of getting ready for the NYS sheep and woolfest, which starts Saturday at 9 am. And it's open till 6 pm, I'm told. Which is when it gets dark, and I'm not sure how well anyone will be able to see any wool colors anymore? And isn't that when the sheep go to sleep, anyway?
But apparently the organizers were mightily impressed with last year's attendance, which on Saturday alone was reputed to be around 30,000 people. I know I saw a mild stampede at the gates at 10 am, the official opening hour. They are now trying to avert traffic jams, and are opening the gates at 9 am...which means I will leave the house at around 6 am, have a 1.5 hour drive including a bathroom break, and be there at 7:30 to help set up the booth. And bring my bin of handdyed yarn.
It's supposed to rain here tomorrow, but hopefully I'll get a few shots in of the yarn.

Today's title refers to the rating of the scarf I was showing in the last post.
Amy was asking if it isn't hard to make?
No, actually it's quite easy. Just labor intensive.
If you're into making 47 triangles in a row, and then 25 times 5 triangles for the flowers, you're in business. Then comes the cinching up of the flowers, and the sewing together.
It's so easy, in fact, that if I were to go into any more detail, Vogue magazine would probably come after me for copyright violation...

Right now, I am also still desperately trying to finish one last commissioned piece for Decadent Fibers. So...I'll see you later....

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