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Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Question

Every once in a while, I get The Question. This time, Tall Son was the one to ask me,
"Um, how many projects to you have going at the same time?"

The very nature of this question tells me that They do not understand. They have no idea how much goes on in this knitter's mind. Yes I have multiple projects going. There is a summer cardigan that got started in fall when the weather was balmy, and I thought I could still use it. After all, I had spent all spring and summer getting winter things ready for other people.

There are two pairs of socks, each of which have one sock completed. Don't ask how, but there they are, two mismatched socks. I have one second sock started.

There are three mittens with no thumbs right now. They'll be quick to do.

There is a cardigan which I finished in May and is still missing buttons. Hey, the weather got warm and I didn't need the cardi, OK?

There's a big cozy turtleneck that's missing half a sleeve.

There's lots of roving which wants spinning. There are swatches for design ideas. Notebooks with said design ideas noted down. Knitting books on every shelf, and knitting magazines everywhere, for I read patterns like trashy novels.

I think my answer to the question is, "You just don't have any idea how very talented I am."

Emma however,

Emma understands. She even guards my yarn for me.


AlisonH said...

Too funny!

Jody said...

I love cats! They understand us!