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Friday, November 16, 2007

Solstice Socks

Dear esteemed reader,
here is a glimpse of the Solstice Socks which I had submitted to knitty magazine on September 15th. I got my rejection letter today.
To boot, blogger is not letting me upload all the pictures I want to show you.
The gold sock has a band of the phases of the moon around the top, the other one shows a band of suns.

I have to go get my daughter from school right now (she's my model in the pictures), and then I will try to get through the rest of my day and weekend without falling apart too much. Boohoo!
I have another very busy weekend coming up, tomorrow I'll be dyeing more silk scarves, Sunday is the Open House.
But please if you are interested in the pattern, email me at:
and I will email it to you.
Most likely I will start emailing on Monday.
If you want to get a headstart on your yarn shopping for these, they are made from Socks That Rock lightweight, "In the Navy" and "24 Karat". Size 1 and 2 needles.
You will get two pairs of socks out of that quantity, either matching or mixed like I did.

Much Love,
and I'll see you soon.


Elise H. said...

Aw Karin! I am so sorry as they truly are adorable. I have too many socks on the needles as it is, but when I get some free needles, I will seek the pattern. I will definitely drop by on Sunday...cannot wait!

Karin said...

Thanks Elise. I'll sned you the pattern soon.
Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

AlisonH said...

Those are beautiful, Karin.

Kate said...

they are *way* cooler than my rejected pattern. (my note came the other day.) :(

Leslie said...

I think they're lovely socks, Karin. Sorry it took Knitty two months to get back to you, but that's probably because they had a hard time deciding they didn't want them.

I have some navy yarn already so will just need to find some gold -- being a Bad Ass Knitter I just have to be independent!

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing the sock pattern. I think they're adorable!!! I will be making these!