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Friday, December 14, 2007

be amazed!

Just to make it clear from the beginning, I have nothing to do with this project other than I sold Leslie the yarn when I had my shop.
Then she knitted 100 squares. It took her one year. Leslie is visually impaired but can knit just fine, as you can tell.
Here's her dog Java and a stuffed bear showing off the finished blanket, which I helped put together.
I think the blanket is about queen size.

I swear I have never seen so much knitting all in one project.
Even the bear was simply stunned speechless.

Acres of love and dedication!

It was intended as a wedding gift for dear friends of hers, but now is an anniversary gift.
What a lucky couple to have this knitter as their friend.


Elise said...

Amazing!! And so lovely! I know I would be thrilled if I were the recipient!!

SpiderWomanKnits said...

Wow! That is A LOT of knitting but it is so nice. She has very lucky friends :-)

spindyeknit@hotmail.com said...