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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

pretty soon...

....I may lose my mind. I thought I could avoid the pre-holiday madness of last minute knitting. Unlike the Yarn Harlot, who is on a schedule this year, I THOUGHT I was on a schedule, but I quickly lost it when my arm wouldn't stop hurting. It's under control now, thanks to some vitamin B6 and a couple of massages, but the fact remains that I fell behind in my preparations.

I managed to make 15 hats for the event downtown last week, but I never even took a picture of them. Then the new mom of the week before asked me if I could make the little guy a hat, and of course I gladly obliged. Again, no picture, because the hat was delivered right away.

A big debate ensued with myself last night when I realized that I have not spun enough yarn for my father's birthday garment. Said garment has been "downsized" to a vest.

The funny thing about all this is that in German, "spinnen" means to spin, but in colloquial language, it also means "being crazy". I am effortlessly combining the two meanings these days.

How are you all doing?

Are the catalogs still flooding your mailbox? Are you spending your evenings ordering gifts on the web, or are you wrapping already? I have never felt the ubiquity of "Christmas" as a Commercial Set-Up as much as this year. I really can't stand it.
I want to know from folks who do not celebrate Christmas: what does it feel like to be exposed to that in-your-face kind of Christmas, the santas and the giant inflatable lawn ornaments, the goofy music blaring everywhere ??

A friend of mine sent me an excerpt from Bill McKibben's book, One Hundred Dollar Holiday.
Definitely food for thought.

And I swear. Next year, I will
-knit from stash only (unless I am submitting a new design)
-make all gifts myself
-and start in January!

Now back to my spinning dilemma...

PS: my word verification for this post has the word "om" in it. Hmmmm.....

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Kristine said...

I am still pregnant. >.<

I am only knitting five gifts this year. Two and three quarters are done. I seriously don't know if I'll make it!

Um...yeah. The big FO this year will be DA BEBE! If only she arrives before the end of the blasted year!! /hope.