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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the good, the bad, and the good

  • Our night out was fun. We saw the new Woody Allen movie, "Cassandra's Dream", and liked it! It was panned by a lot of the big critics but it was a good movie. Get past the first 15 minutes, and you got yourself a little gem of a movie. Scary family relations, I tell you.

  • Crafty Girl is home with me again today, she has walking pneumonia. She feels OK, but looks a little paler than usual. That nasty cough has kept her awake at night (and mommy, too!), but now we have medicine. The pediatrician said there is a lot of pneumonia going around this winter.

  • The Home Depot had a sale, and free delivery after rebate, and 10% off if you opened an account with them, and no interest for 12 months. And a good sales person who knew what he was talking about. Our new LG washer, a front loader that is Energy Star rated, will arrive tomorrow. Good thing too. I need to wash all my handknit socks before I go on that retreat this Friday! And then some...we did go to the laundromat last Saturday, but oh boy it's funny how the laundry piles up if you don't keep up.

  • I have a feeling I'll be up on my soapbox again soon. Consider yourselves warned.

PS: the doll has nothing to do with anything. She is there to brighten your day. She is completely handmade and handpainted, clothes handsewn and knitted. She sits in my friends' living room (in Germany). I believe the quilt is handmade, too.


melanie said...

Well Soapbox lady - we are waiting! Meanwhile, go check out this blog - http://boulderneigh.blogspot.com
She is another nice person who likes to gently prod us with occasional soapboxing...you are kindred spirits of sorts...

Hope C.G. feels better.

catsmum said...

I have an LG front loader - albeit 3 yrs older than yours - and it is fab-u-lous.
but you wouldn't want to use either of the 2 longest settings on the dial - over 3 hours!! I pretty much use the delicates setting for almost everything [ followed by the quick 30 minutes and the handwash ]