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Friday, January 18, 2008

friday fun

The weather is a lot better than anticipated, everyone went to school this morning, and is not even sick or anything. I woke up with a horrendous headache etc. but am trying to ignore it. Must move on.

We are shopping for an Energy Star rated washer. Front loader.
I appreciate everyone's recommendations!! It helps!

Tall Son got his first response from a college. He got into Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It's third on his list of choices. That news kind of broke the ice, because now we know whatever else may happen, he has a college to go to in the fall.

Tonight, Dear Husband and I are going out to dinner for our 20th anniversary. Another reason I am trying to ignore this second cold within a week. Our anniversary is actually next week, but we are going out early, because I am teaching at the retreat in the Catskills.

Tall Son is watching Crafty Girl, they will be armed with netflix movies. We are using a gift certificate to a restaurant we got from TS for Christmas, so we are all set, and won't even have to spend any extra money.

Some days, I can't get over how good our kids are. Is he going to be horrible and rebellious during his twenties?? When will the other shoe drop?


Michele said...

Hi Karin,

Welcome back from your European sojourn. Sorry about the illnesses. A big congrats to Tall Son and Happy Anniversary, quite an accomplishment.

I LOVE my EnergyStar front loader, it gets everything so much cleaner without a lot of mis-shaping (is that a word?) BUT you can't felt in it because you can't stop it and reach in to check your item in the middle of a cycle. Just something to consider.

~ Michele of Tea & Tattered Pages

SpiderWomanKnits said...

Hi Karin,

As you know we just had to buy a new washer and ended up with an LG. If you google washers there are a lot of reviews out there. The LG had thousands of 5 star reviews so we couldn't question that. So far I am really happy with it but the first few loads left some greasy spots on things (they all came out) I would guess because of the lubrication needed to spin at 1,400 rpms! Your clothes come out practically dry! BUT the vibration from the spinning actually broke one of our basement windows! These things are SO fast someone actually recommended that we reinforce the floor in our basement since we have an older home.

Search the web and you'll get a lot of great advice.

Leslie said...

How very nice of TS and I'll bet he didn't even think he'd be hosting your 20th anniversary dinner! And Happy anniversary - at least 30 more years!

WPI's a fine school and Worcester a very nice city - close to Boston yet with more than enough going on there with all the schools in the immediate area. That is, of course, if his first and second choices don't come up with acceptance letters!

With any luck the shoe will never drop.

Where fibers meet mud said...

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Where fibers meet mud said...

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Elise said...

happy anniversary and congrats on TS's acceptance. Had a good friend who went to WPI and loved it!

Got my front loader last year at Lowe's....LOVE IT!!! FYI...they also had a deal (which they periodically rerun) where they give you a Lowe's credit card and 0% interest for 12 months. I am very good about setting up the monthly payments and in April when the last payment is made we will cancel the card. It was a great way, for us, to be able to buy the washer and dryer we wanted at a price we could afford each month.

Hope to see you at Knit Night in Feb....have been missing you.