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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a very rambly post

I am hereby nominating myself to be the Most Boring Blogger of All Time.
Add my blog to the list of Most Blah Blogs.

Here I am, about to whine again about some new misfortune that beset our little family. (The washer bit the dust. It was less than 2 years old. The official diagnosis from the friendly Sears technician was "The motor is fried".)

Someone tell me there is eventually an end to all the things that can break or go wrong in one household within a time span of 2 years. Washer, dryer, car, front porch support columns, TV, hot water heater, dehumidifier, washer again. Plus tomorrow, I have to go to the dentist for a crown, to the tune of $850.-, because I lost part of a tooth just before Christmas. They patched me up so I could go on the trip, and enjoy my mother's cookies, but tomorrow is the day of no return.

I tell you, I am sooo done with things breaking around here. Including in my mouth.

There ought to be a law.

Anyway, since I am determined not to whine; after all, our general health is under control, the kids are back in school, my sinuses have calmed down....and I had a beautiful swatch fest today, I decided to show you these awesomely colorful socks.

I brought them to Germany to work on, and managed to finish them there. My mother was complaining of very cold feet. I gave her the socks, but then stole them back for this picture, putting them on the equally awesome rug. I think that rug and those sock were made for each other.

Sister, if you read this, your socks will be knitted and on the way soon. Sometime in February.

Back to what I was saying.

I don't know how many other blogs you read, but if you're like me, probably around twenty or so. I read them, and then I think, goodness I am so lame! I don't belong to any rings; I have never had a contest; I do not tag people; I don't belong to the Sexy Knitters; I have never had a poll question, nor do I have people write to me about their favorite something or other.

I guess I am just not connected. Truly. I am such a dork, I don't know how to download all those buttons that people put in their sidebars. The one button I have is not a button, it's just a picture that doesn't go anywhere. Anytime you want to jump in an explain it to me, go ahead.

Though ravelry is going really well. Love ravelry. Remember that group I started in November, the great Stash Knit Down of 2008? The first day, there were over 300 members. Today, over 1100! It's a great community over there. If you're not in it yet, get in line for your invitation!

And about the swatch fest I had today: finally after lots and lots of knitting and figuring I have a new pattern that is almost done! Yes I still do have to do an awful lot of knitting within a very short amount of time (have to make a sleeveless shell by 1/24, if at all possible), but I feel like this project, which I CANNOT SHOW YOU OR TELL YOU ANYTHING ABOUT! drats! because it is going to be in a book, is finally on its way. I am over the hump with it. It didn't want to come to be, for a long while, but today, right around the time that I had to recognize that some appliances have a very short life span, this thing jelled.

I guess somewhere in this universe, there is some kind of equalizing force at work.


Where fibers meet mud said...

you are fine
all things will work out

breathe in an out in rotation

I am off to work

Leslie said...

I would recommend you do not, under any circumstances, purchase a Maytag as a replacement washer. I did 5 years ago when my lovely 22 year-old Kenmore finally bit the dust and have regretted it for the past 3.5 years (immediately after the warranty ran out). Piece of crap!

But at least everything that can go wrong is going and/or has gone wrong, so things can only improve, right? :)

And you're not boring. My blog is boring. And I can't figure out how to make the badges lead to a new site either - new blogger is not friendly at all.

AlisonH said...

I think every family everywhere seems to go through some period in their lives where everything breaks. I know we have, and my folks did. Years later you get to laugh about it and picture the columns bashing the motor on the washer, which took out its frustrations on the car, which... Yeah.

And sometimes if you complain loud enough, the nice Sears people or whoever will give you a new part free, especially if they hear from the Action Line columnist in the local paper and want to have an image of doing right by the customer. (Two years?! No way it should die that soon!)