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Saturday, February 23, 2008

2 birthdays

Since my poor kids have to endure made-from-scratch cakes and homecooked meals all year, they usually ask for cake mix cakes for their birthdays. I indulge them. Crafty Girl went to the store with us and picked out Duncan Hines vanilla cake and chocolate frosting. And a package of the most gruesome sugary cake decorations with a sealife theme.

Here's her cake plan. The writing was supposed to be green gel icing, all wriggly to represent seaweed.

February 21st: she gets her wish.

February 22nd: Dear Husband's birthday. He wanted homemade pizza and a chocolate cake.
Here's his pie (before it went into the oven. We have homemade whole white wheat crust, Newman's Own tomato sauce, mozzarella, chopped spinach, choppped onions, garlic, and cut up grape tomatoes tossed in some olive oil with salt, pepper, and basil, black olives, and feta cheese.):

After baking.

Here's my pizza. I can't eat any cow's milk dairy products, so I use goat milk gouda and chevre.
My toppings were chopped spinach, green and black olives, red peppers, chopped spinach, chopped onions, grape tomatoes. I always toss all the chopped veggies in some olive oil with basil and a little salt and pepper.

The kids had plain pizza with black olives, because that's what they wanted.
Yes we are having leftovers today!
Here's Dear Husband's chocolate cake. Believe it or not, it's vegan, sweetened with maple syrup and cane sugar, using fair trade cocoa powder...it is the most delicious cake I ever made. And you can have two slices and not feel awful.

It's from a cookbook called "More great good dairy-free desserts". Dorky title, but really, the recipes are divine. The icing didn't thicken as much as I expected, but ... who cares?

And how do you like my yellow formica kitchen counter?


jackie said...

Please, please share the pizza crust recipe! I want to make all of them! They look great great and include all of the yummy things I like:-)

Bobbisox said...

You make pizza like I do! I love Greek salad; since you can't have cow products, try the sheeps milk feta cheese from Trader Joes; it is awesome and the best I have had. I have a log of goat cheese in the fridge, love the stuff in salad and munching on toast bits. I would love to eat at your place, I saw you posted to Amy and I was curious about the afghan, I love Noro colors just not the scratchiness.

Vivian said...

I love your pizzas and cakes. Wish you can be here for my next birthday :-)

AlisonH said...

I have a daughter who's deathly allergic to dairy--not lactose intolerant, truly allergic--I need me a copy of that book! Especially because that looks so much like my chocolate decadence cake she so much misses.

lilialately said...

ENDURE made from scratch?!? Poor kids. DH's b-day treats look way batter than DD's to me!