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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Noro Kureyon throw

I finished something this week! Can't begin to tell you how good that feels. I still have to knit for a book submission (actually, I am so behind with it I am beginning to worry they'll kick me off it...but I will put in a marathon and finish THAT and fedex it next week).

Anyway, I was looking for something the other day, like, say, yarn, and I found this UFO; a lap throw that I had stated about three years ago or so, while I still had the shop. It's a Jane Ellison pattern. It began with one kind of colorway (don't ask me about the number. I have no labels. It's probably discontinued). Then a customer needed more of that colorway, and I sold the yarn out from under myself. I began splicing other colorways into it, ones that had some colors in common with the first one. Then I must have gotten a little crazy because I abandoned it entirely. When I found it the other day, I realized I had three point five balls left that matched what was in the project, and said: Hey! I'm going to finish this thing.

The project I have for the book is the kind of project that needs my undivided attention. This here blanket I could knit while interacting with the world.

I still haven't washed or blocked it yet, but it's 38x46 inches.

I don't really know the final tally, but I remember the pattern called for 10 balls of Noro Kuryeon. I used size 8 (5mm) needles.


AmyS said...

Your blanket is gorgeous! But doesn't Kuryeon have to be handwashed?? Good luck with the knitting for the book. I know you'll get it done.

Karin said...

Amy, I don't mind washing it at all. I will be the only one using this throw, because it itches my wool-sensitive daughter, and husband and son are both too tall and not fond of pink. :)

jackie said...

Hi Karin, I remember when you were working on this. I loved it so much and wanted to make one too. You helped me with purchasing everything from the pattern book, yarn (10/12 pack colorway), to the right needles for me. I was still a newbie and inexperienced with such things. I love the fact that you shared the finished photos. I hope to see you at the Knit In.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous throw!