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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

blue, and sun yellow

It's a stormy day today. I am feeling a bit bereft today, as an old friend was visiting for two days and just left. We only get to see each other every two to three years.
The weather matches my mood.

This is actually my back yard, our little deck looks like a boatlanding. All this water is supposed to freeze by this evening and get a layer of sleet and snow on top of it. I cannot wait.

This is how dark it is inside my house. (It's 9 am.)

When I turn the lights on, this intrepid sunflower is gazing at me. I got the flowers from Dear Husband for my birthday a week ago.

When these are done, I might have to run up to the florist's shop and get more...actually I wonder if they have a subscription. Might get me through till spring, when I get to enjoy the flowers in my yard again.


Elise H said...

My backyard is similarly submerged right now. And, try walking a Saint Bernard in this weather. I say you should cast on immediately for something bright and cheery. And, Price Chopper had gorgeous tulips from Holland and amazing Calla Lillies....got myself a bunch yesterday for the same reason!
Hope to see you at Knit night.

SpiderWomanKnits said...

Sounds like February to me! Everyone seems to hit rock bottom in my house this time of year.

Kayten said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who's had enough of the dark. I had to shovel gallons of water out of the barn today- I think there's a spring under part of the interior of the flooring. It just keeps bubbling up, and I'm afraid the old horse will fall if it freezes. Unbelievable! I have, however, been spinning up a storm, about 2.5 pounds of assorted stuff in the past ten days or so. I've decided that the personal stash has to be reduced. I'm filling up a bin with the finished yarn for future projects, as yet undeclared. I got two primroses yesterday, one short, one tall. They help.

AlisonH said...

Happy (late) birthday!