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Monday, February 11, 2008

to rip, or not to rip

I am making the Ribbi Cardi from Chicknits. The pattern is wonderful, clearly written, no frills.
Evidently, I was unable count to 24, as I was making the second front the other day. I debated whether to rip the ribbing which was already 4 inches long. (26 sts of 2x2 ribbing; 24 sts of 3x1 ribbing across.)

After some deliberation, and examination of what I had done, I realized I could actually fix my mistake by unraveling just one stitch. Crafty Girl was assisting.

I needed to change the stitch from a knit to a purl.
A teeny crochet hook invented for the purpose of laddering stitches back up lives in my knitting basket -- I can recommend you own one of these!

Shown here is the right side. Laddering up in purl is trickier,

so I flipped the piece over and laddered up the stitch on the wrong side. All the while making sure I wasn't twisting any stitches.

Stitch is back on the needle. The public side of the piece shown here. You can tell where the unravelled stitch was...but I am hoping it will block out in the end.

That was on Saturday. I finished the piece today, and will start a sleeve this evening.

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