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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I've had days like that

My friend Laura told me about this potter's blog. She talks about the creative process a lot, in an accessible way.

I know what she means. I've had days like that. I told her in her comments. Days where husband and kids were out, the house was reasonably clean, emails answered, and I was supposed to have all this time to myself to be able to "create".

And nothing happened.

The muse didn't know it was supposed to come over on that designated day, she was musing elsewhere, didn't know she had an appointment with me.

I would make more tea, and sip it in a different location from the one before. I'd wander and look out a different window for a while. I'd wander back to the computer and look at yet another blog, or website, or knitting pattern.

Meanwhile, I was supposed to be drawing out a new design, or swatch for it, or even get ahead a lot on a project that was due.

But nothing happened. Guilt set in, I was supposed to use my time, fill it with new ideas, expected myself to be happy and wasn't. I knew everyone would come home at a certain time, and they'd be ready to see what I had done, and there was nothing to be seen.

How to explain the non-productiveness? After all, I could knock out a three-course meal in 90 minutes, while doing laundry! I was an effective worker who could get things done!

A couple of weeks ago, I was stuck. I had time on my hands, I could do anything I wanted. Start a new amazing project! Knit to my heart's content! Dig in the stash, find the perfect yarn, and run with it. Heck I could even start writing a book, if I wanted to!

Nothing happened.

All I could muster was the simplest of all knitting: garter stitch.

And it wasn't even my own idea. I had seen this version of a log cabin square on the Mason Dixon blog, sometime in March.

For two weeks now I have been doing garter stitch.

The hexagons from the previous post are sneaking in there.

Sometimes it's OK to let yourself be. One step at a time, go back to what you know, get stuck and stay stuck, even if it's the simplest pattern you've known how to do since you were 8. It's Ok to rely on your hands, they know what they're doing.

And then the mind might just follow.


Elise H said...

I find this happens to me all the time...particularly when I need to write. I know that "guilty" feeling...the one that says I "should" be doing something. But, I think it is the constant activity that gets in the way of creativity sometimes. The period of nothingness is really the time to take that deep breath and to let yourself go and to be open to new and different avenues. I think your idea of going back to something rote and familiar will be the best way to unleash the log jam of pent up creative thought. You just needed to be quiet long enough to let it all happen. Kudos to you!!

Vivian said...

Love your multi colored log cabin square, and the Noro hexes turned out so beautifully! Would love to see your practical application of these.

Laura said...

Looking lovely already. Garter stitch has its own classic beauty, doesn't it? Coincidentally I am working on a log cabin blanket in very similar colors.