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Friday, April 11, 2008

chocolate, anyone?

Tall Son left - the orchestra is on its way to Europe! They'll be in Germany by tomorrow, in Prague on Tuesday, Salzburg Thursday, and fly home from Munich next Saturday. They'll play 4 concerts in 4 different cities.

Crafty Girl and I are not feeling like ourselves this morning, in fact will go back to bed after I post this; we're just a tad bit under the weather, nothing major. But before I sign off, I wanted you to have a look at this fun site.

Have you ever heard of Ritter Sport chocolate? I grew up with that stuff, in fact my Oma always made sure we had a weekly supply when we left from our weekend visit. There were about three or four flavors then, but oh my! Do they have a lot more now...and they are all delicious. We always make sure we bring some back when we go to Germany. I hope Tall Son will remember to bring us some...:) It was a hectic morning, I have a splitting headache, and I forgot to remind him.

Go play with the site. You can click on the little arrow to the right on the opening page and stack the bars. Then you can unwrap them. Go to the 100g Tafel (=bar) and see all the choices. Someone had a lot of fun with this website.

I'm captivated by the colors, of course.
But they do have a couple of darn good dark varieties...

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AlisonH said...

Chocolate. Yum. Valrhona, here I come.