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Monday, April 14, 2008

Ski Lodge Scoop, finished

Yesterday, I finally took the day and finished the Ski Lodge Scoop from the book Twelve Months of Knitting. I converted the pattern to in-the-round to the armholes. I had to make no adjustments to the length as given in the text. There are discrepancies in length between the text of the pattern and the diagram. I wrote the author about that, and she said that she lengthened the piece, but the diagram was not altered accordingly. If you want to make this vest, I would just follow the text...AND make sure you make it as long as YOU want it to be.

My torso is a bit shorter, and the ribbing ends just under the chest. No, there will be no pictures of this.

There, I think that'e enough pictures, don't you?

Yarn used:

2 skeins of Blackwater Abbey 2 ply worsted weight, 220 yards ea.
3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden, a single ply worsted, 100 yards ea.

I have enough left over to make a striped hat.

Size 8 needles for the body, size 5 for the neck -and armbands.

I picked up 20 (!) more stitches around the armholes than what the pattern called for. They came out OK that way.

After a quick steam set above the ribbing, I wore the vest out last night and it was very comfy.
I migth even consider making another one in a different color scheme, as I could always use an extra layer of warmth for most months of the year.


AlisonH said...

Very pretty. Well done!

Elise H said...

Very very cute!

jackie said...

Wow, this really cool Karin.I like it a lot.Thanks for posting it.

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Knittingchick said...

Very cute and looks sooooo cozy! The colors are yummy too.

magnusmog said...

That looks mighty fine :)