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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

laying low today

I overdid it a little the last few days so I need to lay low today--IBS is acting up and I am on the sofa knitting and watching movies.

I'll leave you to gaze at this beauty, who I finally got to meet in person:

That's Lucy. 4 months old. She's a well knitted for baby. :) Here mom's blog is here.
And I SWEAR to you that I had no idea that she put me up there! (But I knew she might.)


Elise said...

Karin..they were so adorable...both of them. Sorry to hear that you are under the weather today. I had so much fun on Sunday and am hoping to have my copy of A Fine Fleece today (fingers crossed in excited anticipation).

AmyS said...

How lovely to see a photo of you! And how fun for you to get together with Kristine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin! Hope you feel better soon - it was so nice to see you at Webs! I saw that beautiful baby at the store and was mesmerized by her smile (I didn't want to stare and scare her or her mom). It's fate again that you posted her picture! Take it easy and take care. Sharon F.

Michele said...

Oh Karin, so sorry you're not feeling well. I'm glad you got to Northampton first though.

What a cute baby. She has so much character in her sweet little face. That's rare.

Feel better soon.

~ Michele
(who everyday understands more and more how you felt in the last days of your shop.)