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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

this cannot, cannot wait.

Here I thought that I am taking a break from blogging to see if I want to blog more.

Forget all that.


I knew that little guy when he and his twin brother were babies. I was a member of their parents' gallery of crafters and jewelry makers in Troy. Stacey is an amazing potter and artist. I used to read their blog all the time, the blog that documents this family's journey and battle with cancer.

Please consider donating to the Ben Fund, the address is right there; or going to their cafepress store and buying something. These cancer treatments are super expensive.

Thanks, Gretchen, for re-directing my attention to this today. I'll see if they let me visit on Friday, when I have a day off.

Jody, maybe the Chicks can knit something for the boys. Or their mom! I really want to make a shawl for their mom...but I'll need help. This is not something I can do by myself, nor do I want to.

Thank you everyone for your comments. They mean so incredibly much to me.

Noelle, please write to me here: karinmaagtanchakATnycapDOTrrDOTcom - I want to hear what's going on.

So here we all are.


Knittingchick said...

Karin, thanks for directing us toward another project. In the meantime we'll keep Ben and his family in our prayers.


AlisonH said...

Hang in there, Ben! Bp 64/44 during IV infusion of noxious drug--been there survived that. Go team go!