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Monday, June 16, 2008

to blog, or not to blog?

Evidently, I am not the only one.

Do I continue to blog, or do I stop?

I have been tossing the question around in my head for quite a while. Through a bathroom renovation, a prom, knitting issues, health issues, every time I get ready to post, I am considering what it is I will say, and how. Do I mention IBS? Do I bring up my numerous WIPs? Do I show the world what my kids look like? Do I think that people are tired of looking at my flowers?

Am I boring everyone to tears?

Evidently not, because I get between 60 and 100 visitors (though I know full well that some of you come by a few times a day to see if I have anything new up here). But I'd never know it if it weren't for the little counter thingie I've installed. I also have a statcounter that tells me that I have readers from all over the world, which is so cool.

Why don't you take a minute or two next time you're here, and LEAVE A COMMENT (it's not hard) and tell me why you're here, reading this blog? Also, if you don't mind, give me one good reason to continue. It can be a general reason. Or a personal reason. Heck, make something up. :)

Also, if you have blog overload, or are spending so much time on ravelry that it could be considered a clinical problem, let me know about that too. I'll understand.

Last night, I finally took the time to read every single blog on my list. It was fun catching up with people. I left a comment as much as I could (not every time, but I plan on remedying that), because I don't want my fellow bloggers to come to the conclusion that they are talking at the wall.

My parents are due in next Tuesday, meanwhile the house is in disarray. It is 10:49 am, the contractor is not here, I have to go to work in less than an hour, I need to knit a second sock, I have to make a scarf for Tall Son's violin teacher, I am still waiting on the results of the biopsy and bloodwork for Cafty Girl, and I am trying to decide if it's worth it for me to keep blogging.

The poll will be up until June 23rd. Cast your vote, leave me a comment.

I'll see you next week.

PS: the contractor is here. Cross that one off the list.


Elise said...


Keep blogging. I love to read the blog and see your progress. I also happily read about the rest of your life and though I know you, through the blog I feel like I know you a bit better. I LOVE the flower pictures.

I can understand the pressures of the blog (says I the blogless one) but I find your blog generally insightful on a range of issues. Keep going.

Anonymous said...

keep blogging - I find blogging to be a good release sometimes too :-)

Anonymous said...

I like reading your blog. I do check it everyday. I have moved recently and I miss my knitting ggroup from my old location. Reading knitting blogs especially local ones helps me feel connected. I don't comment often because I am at work when I read your blog.

Good luck with your house repair/cleaning. Have fun with your company.

emcknits from raverly

Fairytale Frog said...

Why do I come here?
Because I like to read about your knitting, your family, your flowers and all the things inbetween. I like to see the pictures, I like to hear someone else's point of view and I like your designs.

Why should you continue to blog?
Because I like it .... not enough? I think you'd be missed. And at the end of the day what other people think doesn't really matter in this. If you want to blog, if you enjoy it and have time for it then keep doing it. If it's become a chore or a drain then, no matter how much I will miss reading it, stop.

And now I will return to my lurking. :D

AlisonH said...

Contractors and houseguests? Groan. I feel your pain. (Typed the woman whose in-laws just now left for the airport after ten days here. I love them, we had a good visit, and we had a plumbing contractor in the middle, totally unplanned.)

I check your blog because I care about you and I want to see how you're doing. Carry on! However carrying on works out best for you.

Kate said...

Do your stats include subscribers to the RSS feed? I almost never visit the site itself, but I do read regularly (& look forward to it). I came for the knitting, but I think you've got interesting stuff to say about the world.

Nancy said...

Yes, by all means please continue to write, if you enjoy it. I personally enjoy checking in and seeing the beautiful flowers and what you are knitting on and hearing about your family. I am stuck here at work and take an occasional "non-smoking" break (although only smokers get offical breaks-don't get me started), and read your blog. Thank you for all you have written and shared thus far. Sure hope you continue. Nancy Miller

Teri S (CSArch) said...

Please don't stop. I come to read what you put here because I MISS YOU and this makes me feel connected. What's on ravelry is too impersonal.

Stay, blog, put up lots of pictures. I love it.

(treefrog303 on ravelry)

Anonymous said...

Well, I vote yes, because I love looking at your pictures and hearing what you're up to.

I like hearing about/seeing your knitting-- it reminds me of your shop... seeing something on needle laying on the table while you were helping people.

But, certainly don't do it if it's making you anxious! I know from experience that the time before your first child leaves home is a very difficult time... it's a parenting passage that the books seem to forget to tell us about. Even older friends don't always share the experience... but I think it's very real. So do what is necessary to take care of yourself as your family dynamic shifts!


Elaine said...

Hi Karin,

I voted yes....the Chicks don't get to see you anymore and your blog keeps us informed. You sound so busy, hope you're taking care.


Joan said...

I have wondered the same thing about my own blog. I don't seem to have enough interesting stuff at least in my mind. But yours is one I read all the time and I would miss it. Please continue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin, I check your blog to find out what is going on with you and your family. i love your pictures and I like reading your ideas. However, I can understand that it gets to be a strain. If that happens, give yourself a break but please don't leave us totally, come back when you are refreshed and excited about something. You do have a lot going on right now so take a deep breath and be kind to yourself. Good luck with your repairs and enjoy your visit with your family.

yoel said...

Keep blogging! And don't forget all the blog feed readers who aren't counted by the counter!

Knittingchick said...

I know what you mean about wondering whether you should continue to blog. Of course you should, but only if it doesn't put more stress in your life. I find it the perfect place to say what I feel without being interrupted. Or to show my work without feeling like the five year old who's always yelling "Look at me!" I love seeing your work and hearing about your day. It keeps me connected, even on days when I can't see you (which lately is too many). It takes away my guilt about too much knitting when I see something you've started or just completed. I'm sure it inspires many more knitters than just me! So keep up the good work and take a break when you need it. We all need a rest now and then, even from knitting. Did I say that? LOL!What a comment and from Mother Hen at that!

Kristine said...

Well, I think you should keep blogging, cuz I'm here. I like to read about your life, and your flowers, and all of that -- but as to whether or not to continue? Only you can decide that. I know that as long as you're here, writing, I'll be here, reading.

Leslie said...

Hey, Karin. I have you in my Google Reader so you pop up whenever you post. I appreciated your coment on my little blog and thoroughly apologize if I put this owrm in your brain :) It's been mentioned here that Ravelry is rather impersonal and I guess that's why you can show your blog pages there.

I know I enjoy news of the Tall Son and Crafty Daughter, seeing your WIPS and reading your thoughts. I guess the solution is to blog only when you feel like it and notlet it become an "obligation"; we have far too many of those in this life.

Anonymous said...

Karin - I love your blog and stop by almost every day! I love what you have to say, whatever it is. It makes me feel like I have a connection to you. Sharon

Noelle said...

I am here! I check regularly! BTW, did you get an email from me at the KarinMT address? Big doin's over here... *big*.

magnusmog said...

You must keep blogging - how else will the cats stay in touch !

by the way, tell Emma that the stitches are out and we are NEVER going to the vet again :)

jackie said...

Karin, please keep blogging! I enjoy your site because I was a fan of the former" Periwinkle Sheep". I don't get to see you very often and your blog has been a great way to see what you've been creating. Knitting and Art( drawing /Painting) are siamese twins for me. Your photography, cooking tips( loved the pizza) and all of the great links to other bloggers has opened up a fountain of inspiration for me. So selfishly I do ask that you continue to blog;-)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Karin,
ich hab zwar nicht alles verstanden. Doch bitte lass den Blog, ich lese ihn so gerne. Erstens kann ich mein schlechtes Englisch anwenden, zweitens höre ich dann noch öfter was von dir. Besonders deine Bilder liebe ich sehr! Bis bald, Doris

Vivian said...

Your poll is closed, you got lots of comments and I'm so glad you are continuing with this blog.

I have an intense need to write, and my blog is part of it, the part that I would like to and feel comfortable to share with others. In turn when I receive comments I like to know who my readers are. You and I have in common that we are both non-US born knitters, not to mention I love your sense of beauty in nature, fiber and poetry.