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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saratoga Springs

My parents left yesterday, arrived in Germany this morning, and were safely brought back to their house by my sister.

I did take my nap yesterday, then brought my daughter to her track practice, had dinner and promptly went to sleep.

Here now is an attempt to catch you all up on the couple of daytrips I took my folks on, after the graduation party on the 4th of July weekend.

On Sunday, July 6th, we went to Saratoga Springs. Just to give you a heads up, Saratoga is most famous for two things: horse racing, and water. As in mineral water, springs, spa.

Also, apparently they have Smart people up there:

This building comes with its own resident horse:

A toy store window decorated with nothing but kites:

The famous landmark The Adelphi Hotel:

The restored carousel in Old Congress Park: you can ride on it for a quarter.

These tourists are my parents, fascinated by a huge hibiscus plant.

Away from the main beat, we found Beekman Street, an arts community that is restoring old houses and putting galleries and restaurants in them. Of course I could not take any pictures of all the original art, but these horses didn't mind.

Flowers were everywhere, making this part of the city a very nice place to live.

In a sculpture garden:

Inside one of the galleries, the leftovers of an art opening from the night before - my dad spotted these. Instant art.

In Saratoga State Park, people come up to this spring with carloads of water bottles and fill up.

The Roosevelt Baths, half of which are intact. I was fascinated by the half that was falling apart. I do hope that they get restored to their original splendor.

This next part completely took us by surprise. We came upon the preparations for a wedding reception. I asked a waiter, and it turned out that this was an Indian wedding with about 1500 guests.
The table flower arrangements were absolutely stunning. I firmly believe that 2 of them would pay my mortgage.

We almost felt like paparazzi when we hung around to get some photos...this was a huge event.

The bride and groom were off to the side getting their picture taken for about an hour. I caught a glimpse of what I could swear was a princess:

The scent of delicious Indian food was wafting over the grounds.

We did finally have to leave...and never found out who it was that got married on a gorgeous summer day in Saratoga, in such grand style.


Elise said...

How beautiful! We were at a hotel once in NJ meeting up with my brother. The hotel was getting ready to host a beautiful Indian wedding and I met the bride and many of her family in the rest room. It took hours for all the beautiful henna treatments on their hands and feet. They told us to go and wait outside to see the star tof the ceremony....a most handsome prince arriving to meet his beloved atop a beautiful white horse. The outfits and decorations on both the prince and the horse were outstanding.

Knittingchick said...

Whoah! Can you imagine how much was spent on that wedding? I bet we could solve the national debt! I'm sure your parents had a great time in Saratoga. There's so much to see. Isn't it funny how we might never tour our own hometowns if it wasn't for company coming to visit. That's how I finally got to see Howe Caverns.

AlisonH said...

What a wonderful post!