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Monday, July 14, 2008

2 pairs done

Random Monday.
Visitors in the garden:

A kindred spirit at Five Rivers :

Two pairs of socks done and finally photographed:

These are for you, Doris! (That's my sister.) They're going into mom's suitcase and will be hand delivered on Wednesday:


Knittingchick said...

Lucky sister to get such nice socks! And the bug photos are great! I hate bugs, but that's sooo cool.

Doris said...

Hi Sister,
yeah, I love these socks!!!! :-))
Can´t wait to see them on Wednesday! Thank you so much! Tomorrow I´ll send you a picture from what I´ve done the last three weeks. I hope, you are well after these three weeks with our parents ;-)
I´ll call you when they are back home.
Love, Doris

AlisonH said...

Absolutely gorgeous daylily shots!

And now I want to go check to see if that plate is still available in California.