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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Crafty Girl never got a birthday party when it was her birthday on February 21st this year.
We fixed that by celebrating her half birthday yesterday.
The weather has been gorgeous all week, and we lucked out again for the party.

First, we had a delicious lunch with this salad made from fresh spinach, locally grown tomatoes, our own basil, and some chevre.

The party's theme was Hawaiian, and everyone came wearing flipflops. Leis were mandatory.

We played a lot of games, one of them being flip-flop walk; due to the uneven number of guests, Tall Son was a good sport and got in on the act. It was a relay race where you had to put seashells on top of your feet and walk to a certain point and run back!

The half-birthday girl had a lot of fun, and I am so glad we had this party for her. I did her a lot of good to have all the attention on her for a day.

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Rochester, NY at 6 am.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karin, great party ideas and a great looking salad. that's inspired a healthy menu for the week. Good luck to Tall Boy! Have a safe trip and looking forward to hearing how it all went.

melanie said...

What a great idea! Glad she had a happy birthday. Good luck tomorrow - bring Kleenex!

Kristine said...

So cute!

I'm glad you and Crafty Girl are preparing for Tall Son's departure; since I currently come painfully close to tears dropping Lucy off at my mom's so I can go TO WORK I don't know how you're managing to remain so composed.

Yay for both of you. :)

Knittingchick said...

Happy half birthday to Crafty Girl and good luck on the trip to Rochester!

magnusmog said...

Half birthday......more gifts?!

Karin said...

Hi magnusmog--
she'd never had a birthday party in the first place. She had received some birthday gifts on her birthday from us, but not now.