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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

simple things

I've finished two simple shawls, both using orphan/leftover/partial skeins of wool, or wool blends (mohair, alpaca, angora).

This one is one of my all-time favorite shawls, the top down, increase 4 sts every other row kind of shawl...I have made about a dozen of these, over the years, in all different variations. Most I've given away, sold one or two, and what the fate of this one is I do not know yet. I simply started it about a week and a half ago, and it gave me time to mull over some new and more exciting knitting projects. It's my think-about-other-projects projects.

I kid myself that it reminds me of a Hanne Falkenberg design. Or this one.

(One of these days I will save my pennies and get a Mermaid kit...)

I made this on size 8 circulars with worsted weight yarns. It measures 60" across, and 30" long. I think I used about 650 yards of yarn, but don't quote me.)

This next one took me a wee bit longer to make. I started it last fall, called it my commitment shawl. I was committed to not feeling guilty any more about unfinished projects from various stages of my life, and about yarn that no longer fulfilled its original purpose. I put together a huge bag of orphans and cast onto a long circular needle until it wouldn't hold any more stitches.

Size 10.5, and mostly heavy worsted weight yarns, or combinations of 2 to 3 strands held together to achieve that same thickness.

At first I had the lofty goal of making myself a blanket for the winter. I was bravely plugging along, making sure I was working on it nightly.

Then spring came, and the thing became heavier and heavier. I had finally counted the stitches, there were 180 of them.

I finally decided to bind this thing off and call it finished when I got an email from Afghans for Afghans that said their latest campaign is --- collecting shawls. I gasped and said: Perfect!

The shawl was within the dimensions required. I wove in the ends at Jody's house during charity knit night, and off it went.

I know it will be hand delivered and will keep an Afghan girl warm this winter.



AlisonH said...

Beautiful. And beautiful cause. Go Karin.

Knittingchick said...

Beautiful coziness! Love them! See you Thursday....

leah said...

the colors of these shawls are so soft. i should take a clue and make something that is this calming.

Leslie said...

Serendipitous - you got to use what was making you feel wasteful and it will be put to good (and beautiful) use after all.

jackie said...

Karin, you and your knitting are inspiring in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Will you please publish the pattern for the triangle shawl? I need it to finish a project. Thanks so much.