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Friday, August 15, 2008

a shower of babies

...or: the week in pictures.

On Tuesday, I made a little hat for a new little guy. Below is the hat next to the picture in the book natural knits by Louisa Harding. I figured, newborn size for a two-week-old ought to be just about right.

Was I ever wrong.

That little guy not only was too big for his hat already (good for him!!) -- he also did not appreciate us trying to even have him try it on for one minute. I have never met a baby with such a distaste for hats at such an early age. Right after we took the hat off, he calmed right down and kept on sleeping.

The yarn I used was Nashua Cilantro and size 8 needles.

Meanwhile, on the very same day that we were visiting this new baby, another baby was brought into the world to some dear friends of ours who are adopting. A little boy who weighed almost 1.5 lbs less that the one I made the hat for.

Would you agree with me that it is OK for me to send the hat to the baby who was born exactly during the time that the hat turned out to be too small for the first baby?

I will make more things for each little guy as they get older, like when they hit the ripe old age of a month or two.

In other news, I took a natural dye class at Wool n Word last Saturday. Unbelievably, the weather held up.

The colors I used were called: osage, logwood purple, cochineal, turmeric, and brazilwood.

This is one batch from the whole class.

My rovings are back in the garage, trying to dry. It has been raining so much that my backyard is once again a swamp and I can't even traverse the lawn to try and retrieve the wool.

We are promised two dry days this coming weekend.

Last week, Crafty Girl wanted to learn how to sew on a sewing machine.

I pulled out my trusty old Kenmore and away we went. She picked it up like that and we made two gusseted totebags.

Here she is making purse tissue holders all by herself.

There are no proper pictures of the projects yet, she has been going to camp this week and I am working besides trying to be an Olympic knitter.

I am sorry I have been very lame in the emailing department...I have had the nicest, most wonderful missives in my inbox and I apologize for not getting back to you.

College move-in day is a week from Monday. I am trying very hard not to knit anything for him.


Pat said...

Absolutely, the newest little guy gets the adorable hat!! You are amazing in how much you accomplish!! You continue to inspire.

SpiderWomanKnits said...

Congrats to your friends and their new blessings.

Pass the knit on for sure! Babies come in all sizes as you know and they all need wee little caps.

Go Crafty Girl Go! I can't wait to see the totes. Post them please :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin, love the baby hat. Everything you knit looks great.
I guess the weather has been too warm to knit for Tall Son, you could make him a cool funky college hat. Crafty Girl is a designer on the horizon. Love the roving! I look forward to seeing it spun.

Anonymous said...

Give the adorable hat to the baby with the head that fits it!

Tall Son may want an afghan for his dorm room. It can get pretty cold in Rochester!

Crafty Girl is very talented. Good for her!


magnusmog said...

Now I'm worried - I'm knitting a newborn sized hat for a brand new baby girl and assumed that the size would be right. But her big brother was huge when he was born......

Kristine said...

Totally okay to send the hat on to someone who will get some use out of it -- no worries there at all!

Knittingchick said...

My vote is with everyone else...the hat goes to the head into which it will fit. Can't waste anything! And a school colors afghan is a college must. Crafty Girl is starting out just like my daughter, first the little things, next thing you know she'll be designing whole wardrobes! Keep up the good work!