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Sunday, August 17, 2008

a tale of two hats

Here's a quick follow up to the previous post.

Thank you everyone for your input about the baby hat. I was ready to mail it out, but my friends are telling me to please wait until the beginning of September. That's when they will return home with the baby, after the adoption has been completed.

I am sure that the hat will be too small by then! I have decided to give the little hat to Chicks with Sticks. I know it will go to a good cause. My friends will measure their baby's head in a couple of weeks and tell me which size hat they need.

Tall Son, on the other hand, has requested I do not knit anything for him. Especially not an afghan. That's why I said ,"I am trying very hard not to knit for him." (Though I think it would make ME feel better if I could knit him something, he would just not wear/use anything made by me right now. I think he's trying to be independent or something.)

I am totally fine with that, as he has a comforter and a fleece blanket already that he wants to take with him to college, and he has a fleece hat, too. He just prefers that right now...while in 8th grade, he had waited and waited for me to make him a winter hat, and I just didn't get around to it. I still had my yarn store at the time, and, you know, the cobbler's children, etc.

One day he finally was done waiting and said, just give me the yarn and needles, I'll make the hat myself. And he did. His math brain was fascinated by the crown decreases.

We still have the hat, I wear it occasionally in the wintertime.
I might do so again this year.


SpiderWomanKnits said...

Oh boy. He doesn't want hand knits? Sheesh, some moms have to cut the cord at some point but us knitters have to have our children cut the skein on us, eh? Ugh. I am not handling Tall Son's transition to college well so you must be a wreck. **Hugs** I say knit him something and sneak it in the duffel. He's still too young to know whats best for him, right?

magnusmog said...

Maybe you could knit something and think of him as you do - and then give it to him when he graduates!

Anonymous said...

Karin, will you post a pic of the hat made by Tall Son?
I think by the time Winter starts he'll like having a hat made by you and crafty girl:-)

AlisonH said...

One of my kids didn't want me to knit him anything for college, and it wasn't till awhile later that he said it was because he was afraid it would get stolen there or something would happen to it. He was very happy later on to have an afghan from me.