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Sunday, August 31, 2008

late summer

We planted a whole row of sunflower seedlings this year, but so far we have only one fully grown flower.

So. Many. Flowers.
It has been an emotional week. After an initial feeling of tremendous accomplishment, it is now slowly but surely sinking in that my child lives 230 miles away from us. Meal preparation and mealtimes get me the most, it's that mom thing kicking in where you just want to take care of your young.
He is going through some homesickness too, but all in all is doing well, getting settled and meeting new friends. Classes start on Tuesday.
While we were taking our son to college, I kept thinking this week of the wee one that was given up for adoption and who has found a most loving home with my friends. I couldn't help but think about the birth mother...who I know absolutely nothing about, but who is a mother nonetheless even though the circumstances in her life prompted her to give up her baby. How much trust she must have placed into my friends.
I know Tall Son is in the right place; he will make new friends, play music, study new subjects.
But it is new territory for all of us, and we are learning how to care for each other in new ways.
Tomorrow, I am embarking on what is possibly the biggest knitting project ever, or the craziest, whichever way you want to look at it. September 1st is the beginning of a month-long quest to knit up 10,000 yards of yarn. I am hoping it will help me through the back-to-school-blues.


Knittingchick said...

Be prepared for lots of leftovers at mealtime. I ate more cold pork chops, pizza, and veggies until I figured out how to pare down the amounts. But hey! It meant that for awhile I didn't have to make lunch the next day. LOL! Love the sunflower photos. And good luck with the 10,000 yards. I've been forced into resting a swollen knuckle, so take it easy.

Doris Spiegel said...

Karin, ihr schafft das schon!!!
We just startet a new time this week, too. I know, how you feel!
Love and all best wishes to you from your little sister Doris

Anonymous said...

Karin, having the privilege of knowing you through your shop, I can attest that Tall Son is going to be fine. How are you going to knit up 10K of yarn? I am thinking in terms of track and field conversions meters and yards are so close. 6.2 miles of yarn, that you're knitting in 1 month, Go Karin!

bmash said...

Hi Karin, Adjusting takes some time but it will happen! Good luck with all that knitting! Your sunflower is beautiful. We have been enjoying our beautiful hibiscus with several new blossoms every day in August. We know fall is on the way as there are fewer new flowers each day.

Hang in there.

Leslie said...

Don't tell me - you're knitting a telephone wire to reach to tall son :-P

You'll all be fine and Crafty Daughter will be enjoying the extra "mom time".

magnusmog said...

Such big changes for everyone......

Thinking of you ( and the mammoth knitting project! )