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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reporting on Day 1

Yesterday, I finished this set which I had started Saturday night.
I was able to count the 25 yards that went into the second bootie towards the 10,000 yard project. Woohoo!
The hat and booties were made from Encore DK, 120 yards including the ties, but no turned up brim; size 5 needles; Fibertrends pattern #CH-36. They are going my friends' newly adopted little boy.

Also yesterday, taking advantage of a glorious day and Dear Husband taking Crafty Girl shopping, I turned this (not all 12 skeins shown, obviously)

into this

and this:

Then, thanks to my friend Anna having us over for dinner, I was able to finish a sock. Approximately another whopping 50 yards were used up. I don't have a pic!

And this, my dears, is what 10,000 yards of yarn look like. I made the black scarf in the front of the photo yesterday. 218 yards. I held a strand of mohair and a strand of -- hold on to your hats -- ladder yarn together. True, buried stash, unearthed and used up. I am not counting the fringe I have finish attaching.

The first day't total is 293 yards...not quite the goal of 333 yards.

Tomorrow, school starts.

I am sure my totals will improve.

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Anonymous said...

Karin, great pics. I love the dyed yarn.I didn't realize that a darker natural yarn could dye so nicely. Its amazing how much yarn can make up 10,000 yds.Knit onward!