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Thursday, October 23, 2008

more Rhinebeck goodness

Here are a couple more snapshots. Not the greatest pictures. I am hoping the subjects can forgive me.

Jillian Moreno, of knittyspin and Big Girl Knits fame.

The not-so-great picture of two great ladies, Mason-Dixon bloggers and authors of 2 books, Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. Like I said, I goofed on the picture, so here it is for you to see and judge:

Here's our Kay of Sliver Moon Farm on the right with a customer, Sara, both sporting the most often spotted sweater at Rhinebeck 2008: the February Lady Sweater. I know I saw at least 20 of them.

Every year, there is a project that appears in multiples. Can we say Clapotis? Central Park Hoodie? Tilted Duster? Tangled Yoke?
I wonder what next year's Rhinebeck sweater of the year will be.


Vivian said...

So ignorant of me, I didn't know much about the two authors of Mason-Dixon knitting. I posted a Youtube clip of their singing on my blog. They are so talented!

leah said...

i haven't seen the tilted duster. i like it and i have been looking for a sweater for me. hmmm?

Elise hiller said...

Loved seeing you at Rhinebeck. Check out cosmicpluto's blog as she mentions some great yarn purchased Sliver Moon! Just thought you should know.