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Friday, December 26, 2008

happy holidays

Yesterday, as we were going over the river and through the woods by New York State thruway, to Syracuse, I kept pondering what I might say to you here, about this holiday. I sat in the back seat with Crafty Girl, Tall Son was driving, DH co-piloted. I was knitting (a gift that still needed to be finished on the way). We were hollering chistmas songs and carols, from "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" to "Frosty the Snowman" to "Jingle Bells Rock" and "So this is Christmas". (Dear Husband had made this crazy compilation CD.)

I took pictures all day, of snowy roads and my sister-in-law's cozy home. All of us together. None of which I will post right now, except for the one above, because I am getting this feeling that none of them really captured what the day felt like...especially since there was so much sincere gratefulness. It was apparent when some jaws dropped over an unexpected gift; it was obvious when the kids, who are growing up so fast, reached over with open arms and gave hugs of thanks. Food was abundant, as were the cookies.

Kids, grandparents, good food, christmas distilled. I could say it was one of those really good ones, that I want to remember for a long time, and I will. But there is something else I am trying to get at. It wasn't just that we managed to get the right gifts. This past year, we had all gotten together more often than usual, and had celebrated other milestones. My parents had been here (let's not talk about my homesickness at this point); we had a graduation and then a son sent to college; my niece turned 16 right after she got her appendix out - she is well; and a fine young lady. My other sister-in-law lived through a hurricane that blew through Houston. My mother-in-law also had had a little surgery to take care of some things, and she is fine. All this passed and we were there for each other, calling and making sure; getting together when possible. Getting together for this holiday was a coming together and an appreciation of each other.

Maybe it's always been like that, and I am just now waking up to it. Hopefully you had somewhere to be, or you had folks over to your house, and you got that hug, and someone looking at you with sparkle in their eye and saying "Thank you!!"
To all of my family and relatives in Europe, I miss you terribly and I do wish I could be in two places at once.


Mare said...

What a beautiful post...You said it so well and with so much feeling...Merry Christmas!(Christmas for me starts on Christmas Eve and goes all the way to New Year's Eve!) I'm so glad i found you,,,,mare

AlisonH said...

You don't mind my smiling at food being abundant, and, (separately), cookies. Heh.

Beautiful, Karin. Thank you. Merry Christmas and the best in the New Year to you all.

bmash said...

We had a wonderful Christmas and you expressed my feelings for me! tomorrow we are having family here because one niece was away with her new husband missing our family Christmas for the first time. And we are all patiently waiting the birth of my brother's first grandchild who is making his poor mother wait beyond her due date. All of this makes me ready to cast the "things" aside and just be happy for good friends, good family, and good health (not necessarily in that order!)
Happy New year!

Kayten said...

You captured what I missed for Christmas this year. I really felt the hole left by the loss of my father, brother, and mother- all since spring of 2003. I am trying to regroup, but it somehow feels like a solitary endeavor, as my children are at sixes at sevens, busy with their own lives, and not prone to stepping beyond whatever circle they've circumscribed for themselves. And, since my "daughter dance" and "sister dance" are no longer needed, I find I miss them, despite the burden they were at times. Guess I have to retool my niche. Thanks for reminding me of what the holidays can be. I'm glad you saw your folks this year. I'm sure there's still a gap this time of year, but it must be comforting to be able to write or hear their voices on the phone. Do they have a computer? If so, are you familiar with Skype?
Froeliche Weinachten!