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Sunday, December 21, 2008

snow storm - take (2)

The second snowstorm in three days hit today, and I'd say we have about 16 to 18 inches now.

Here's Crafty Girl and a friend having loads of fun in the white stuff. They were out there for hours and hours.

We're supposed to get arctic cold and strong winds tomorrow, and I expect this dainty pattern on my rose trellis to be gone:

I always leave the dried sedum in the fall, because I look forward to the little snow hoods in the winter:

Our neighbors' bushes have snow blankets on.

We're all home safe and sound. Tall Son is off visiting with friends, of course.
We baked another batch of cookies today and I knitted a few rounds on a sock. I can't show you most of my knitting until after Christmas, though. :)


AlisonH said...

Brrrrrr... Remembering the feeling of snow getting down the back of the neck of my jacket...


magnusmog said...

That looks so cool !

Vivian said...

Love your snow pictures! I baked my very first batch of cookies from scratch today, in a toaster oven no less. They taste pretty good.

AlisonH said...

Merry Christmas!