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Saturday, December 20, 2008

instant winter

Just dropping in to say that we got instant winter yesterday, 10 inches in as many hours, measured in our back yard. It wasn't blowing or drifting snow, just the nice white fluffy stuff, coming down constantly and heavily.

Between the baking, picking up the house and cleaning and a girl's soccer game (indoor!) thrown in, no time for pictures. And just a little bit of knitting.

They're saying more snow tomorrow, which is good, it gave Dear Husband the day today to go retrieve Tall Son from college 220 miles away. I'll be glad when they walk in the door tonight, then it can snow all it wants. We're on Christmas break!


Mare said...

I hope the "men folk" got home safely! This storm system really is something isn't it? No question this year we will have a White Christmas! hahaha
I've been meaning to ask how the Lark Street craft fair went? Because of the ice storm and power outage, i didn't get out to go and buy more of your lovely yarn. I am hoping for a chance to catch you again sometime soon... :)

jackie said...

I hope the guys are back home safe and sound. It looks like a greeting card outside, I love FIBER this time of season. I hope you post during the next 2 weeks!

AlisonH said...

How did you manage to get an indoor soccer game? Totally makes sense, though. Enjoy your vacation time with Tall Son, and may they travel safely. Merry Christmas, Karin!