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Friday, December 12, 2008

ice storm

tree in our back yard on 12/12/08
We had a major storm coming through yesterday and overnight, resulting in a snow day for the kids (and hubby, as he is a teacher).

Ice storms are a little eerie to me. First, it rains and rains for hours, and wherever the rain falls, it forms ice. Every surface, stair, car, sidewalk, tree, grass blade is covered in ice. It is eerily quiet during all this. The trees' branches are bowing lower and lower under the weight of the ice.

Then the rain stops, and the wind starts.

The ice is starting to snap off of the power and telephone lines, unless they have already come down...there is a line down on our street right now, and a police car has blocked access to the street from one side. Wind and icemelt are working together in loosening the built up ice, and every once in a while we hear chunks of it falling off the roof or a tree. I am hoping that the old crabapple tree in the back yard will live through this one, too.

We are very lucky in our neighborhood because we haven't lost power. I am staying in today to re-organize my yarn and finished projects for this weekend's craft fairs. And knitting until my hands fall off.

I hope you are warm and safe wherever you are!


Vivian said...

Glad you are surviving the icestorm and feeling better. Good luck at the craft fair this weekend.

We have a storm coming this weekend, not anywhere scary like yours, and we can use the rain!

AlisonH said...

Brrr and ooh pretty. It's gorgeous and it's dangerous and cold. Glad you're having time to chill out with your family while staying warm.


Sounds scary and exciting at the same time!