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Friday, January 16, 2009

every project has its moment

I made this pair of fingerless gloves today, a commission. The woman who ordered them from me wanted long ones that extend halfway up the arm. She had bought this scarf from me at Elissa Halloran's shop, where I have warm winter accessories for sale on consignment:

She asked Elissa if I could make her fingerless gloves to match.
Alas, I didn't have enough yarn left to do it. It was just as well, since I had my doubts whether she would still be able to use her hands with gloves that thick...

So I went to plan B: try and match the color. I would see what I could do with the bit of yarn left over from the scarf.

I made these up as I went along. Bulky thick and thin wool, size 10.5/6.5mm needles.
They came out OK. They fit well. The whole time I was making them, I was hoping the customer would like them.

But they didn't grab me. No excitement going on here at all. (In case you are wondering about a slight difference in size, the one on the right had been tried on a few times.)
How could I embellish them...I tried whipstitching, and didn't even take a picture it was so boring. I ran the yarn through at the wrist, and ditto. Nothing.
Then I went and got a huge crochet hook, and single crocheted around the bottom, one round.
Eureka! The super thick and thin yarn worked its magic. It almost looks like a scalloped edge now, and I am much happier.

I hope the customer is, too. I dropped them off this afternoon.


jackie said...

OOOOOO,Ahhhhh:-) The edging adds the color punch. Your eye for color is a gift.

Mare said...