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Friday, March 27, 2009

first in a series

Sometimes, you have to just go for it and buy yourself a present.

This one comes in installments, four times over the next year: my spring parcel just came in the mail.

I bought a Sheep Share from Foxfire Fiber in Shelburne, MA.

The package was beautifully wrapped with tissue paper

-- protecting this treasure inside:

I went for the whole "Farm Yarn Stash" in Natural, and I don't care if you know how much it cost. It is worth every single penny to me. Because someone out there is taking the time to lovingly raise sheep, shear them, and have the yarn processed naturally. If you go to the link above, you will see the line-up of precious skeins that will come my way over the next year.
Leah and I have been tossing an idea around as to what to do with it. The words "slow knitting" came up.
I will keep you posted.


leah said...

it looks amazing and i want to bury my face in it and inhale deeply! can't wait to see what you come up with.

Leslie said...

I was all set for one of those myself, but found myself unemployed as of Monday so had to cancel. Darn!

I shall live vicariously through yours :)

AlisonH said...

Very cool. And gorgeous yarn. I love the all-the-possibilities! stage of handling a new yarn.

Barb said...

Can't wait to see your project. Thanks for posting some great yarn shots! No lambies here, still, but the girls kept me up a bit last night with lots of sighing and groaning. Poor things. Hope they all deliver soon (in daylight hours, naturally).

jackie said...


Vivian said...

I envision you are going to paint beautiful colors with these yarn. How precious!