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Sunday, March 22, 2009


As we all know, knitters and spinners are at home practically anywhere, but it's especially nice if they have a knit-in at an arts center.

This one was sponsored by 4 area yarn shops.

I stayed for a little while to soak up all kinds of good vibes.

After I got home, I checked in my yard to see what was coming up.

And speaking of habitats, I made this hat over the weekend. A completely addictive knit.

I took this picture as the light waned, so it looks a bit pale. The yarn is Jamieson's Shetland Heather, in the color "horizon". The hat got a bath and is now blocking. I need to get it in the mail for my mother's birthday!


Mare said...

Karin, that hat is beautiful! I think your Mother will love it!

AlisonH said...

The hat is gorgeous.

That Ashford and that red chair and that profile made me do a doubletake; it looked like me, in a wheelchair, back when my hair was a bit shorter, especially since she's smiling. Funny the associations the mind makes.

magnusmog said...

what fun and what a gorgeous hat!

Knittingchick said...

Oh how was the turnout for the knit in on Sunday. I would have enjoyed seeing it at someplace more public, but then I couldn't have attended anyway. I was helping Moose celebrate his second birthday which was waaayyyy more exciting! Love the hat!

Pat said...

That hat looks absolutely gorgeous! What a great present to your mother.

JessaLu said...

I'm sorry I missed the knit/spin-in yesterday. Maybe next year...

Love the hat!

urban craft said...

I have never seen an arts center like that before. Looks so cozy, I'd probably want to live there.

AmyS said...

What a lovely post. The Knit In looks like great fun, and those flowers! Absolutely gorgeous, especially the photo of the open ones with the sun shining through them And I love the hat, looks exactly like something I'd love making, too.