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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


April and Pat W. both guessed right: there is Amy from Spunky Eclectic in a throng of people; Jonathan Bosworth of Journey Wheel demonstrating a charka; and Tsock Tsarina sock kits.
(I bought the Imbus and the Octoberfest kits. They looked the easiest. I am not sure I am up for any of the other ones yet, maybe in the next decade... Got them at the lovely Holiday Yarns booth.)

What nobody guessed is that a real life knitty designer and model of her own Convertible stopped right at our booth: Rebecca Hatcher. You couldn't meet a nicer person.

So if April and Pat W. would please send me their addresses, and a general idea as to what color they like...I will get your sock yarn out to you on Thursday. What'll it be? Purple? Green? Pastel? (Yes I do need to get pictures up...my bad.)


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JessaLu said...

It was wonderful to see you! Congrats on getting your yarn carried in new and wonderful places!