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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

save the dates!

I am taking the liberty to post this on both my blogs. Need to spread the word about Hand Made!

The holiday season is upon us!! Once again, I am participating in a couple of Holiday open house/art fair events.Mark your calendars -- there are a great many wonderful handmade gifts available at these. And some handdyed yarn, of course...

November 22, 11-2
Holiday Open House
29 Burhans Place, Delmar
(jewelry, art prints, chocolate, handdyed yarn, and more!)

November 27, 5-10 pm
as part of Troy Night Out , with Tight Knit!
Historic Frear Building : 3 floors of vendors!
Corner of Third Ave and Fulton in Troy, NY.

December 12, 12-5
Winter WonderLARK

edited to add: the craft fair is in the giant church basement of Trinity Church. Watch for signs on Lark Street!

Thank you so much for passing this along to all your friends.

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Anonymous said...

HiKarin, where exactly will you be during the W.W Lark? I looked at the link and there are several places it seems.Will you have any items at the Troy Farmer's market in the Atrium?