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Friday, November 9, 2007

pieces (1)

Because some of you have asked, here are the mittens without thumbs. I keep making mitten bodies, with the intent to spend one day adding thumbs.

The one on the far left is from my own handspun yarn. It used to be a rolag from Grafton Fibers, just 4 ounces of fiber, enough for a pair of mittens. Yes I am keeping those.

The other ones will be gifts. The pink ones are made from Manos del Uruguay yarn, the other one is mainly from a handdyed wool I found a leftover of. The stripes are used to augment the yardage of the main color and are Bartlett wool.

It is getting to be the time of year where I make a ton of warm woolen items. Every year I swear I will start sooner, and then I never do. Only the onset of colder weather gets me going!
From now on, I will be posting about some projects that shall remain undesignated, because I worry that the intended recipient might read about his or her gift.
PS: Dina, the answer is YES! I switched computers over the summer, and I have yet to figure out how to transfer my address book from the old computer to this one. New operating system etc.
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I am so sorry I cannot come see you on Wednesdays anymore because that's one of my days where I work at the Co-op. I miss you all! :(

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