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Friday, November 9, 2007

pieces (2)

Today I met up with my friend Laura real quick, at Albany's Ultraviolet Cafe. After our talk over tea, I hung back and took a closer look at this exhibit of quilts by Sugi Pickard.

If I counted them right, there are 8 quilts of varying sizes on diplay. All are hung from the same height. I am a fairly short gal, and lacking a stepstool (and also being mindful of patrons present at the cafe) these are the views I was able to get.

I love looking at quilts, and usually make sure I visit large area quilt shows that guilds put on. I am routinely blown away by the selection of fabrics, and the way a quilter is able to visualize panels of printed cloth, cut up and put back together in a certain pattern.

Here are 2 large quilts, each with a close-up; they are finished with unique borders:

Being a handcrafter and fiber artist myself, I wouldn't have minded a small description of each piece, as I am sure there is much to tell about them. Having missed the opening reception the other night, it would have been nice to see a title, or some such ( how many fabrics used? handdyed or commercial fabrics? source of inspiration?) accompanying each quilt.
However I can appreciate the thought, incredible workmanship, and artistry that went into each one of these. Two picture quilts were inaccessible to me and my camera, so you'll have to go take a look for yourself! The show is up until December 2nd, right next door to the Spectrum 8 Theatres, 290 Delaware Ave, Albany NY.
Photos taken by permission of the artist.

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