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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Knit Night Tonight!

This is for the locals (but hey if you want to fly in, we'd love to have you!):

Knit Night tonight

7-9 pm

Panera's in Glenmont

[You should see me over here. I am writing at my dining room table, which is in the living room.
The downstairs bathroom is almost done, the dining room ceiling is patched and ready for painting. The contractors are the ones you want to keep for life (I'm saying that now, while the job is not quite finished...we'll see where I am when they're done...): they are respectful, quiet, keep everything as clean as possible, try to disturb our routine as little as possible, and are doing a thorough job with the work they need to do.
I've taken lots of pictures, but I don't know where my USB cable is that hooks the camera up to my computer. One thing I forgot to take a picture of is a pair of socks I finished - the ones that only needed a toe, done, and given away already.
Tonight I'll be bringing the cardigan, as we'll be sitting in airconditioning and it won't bother me so much that I have three-quarters of a cardi sitting in my lap.]

See you then!


Knittingchick said...

Ahhh! Doesn't it feel good to finish a project?! I'll see you tonight with my finished Hemlock in hand...Jody

KnitPrincess said...

I'll be there and I have yarn for you! But I can't stay late. I have yarn company work that I've let slide because I thought if I touched wool I might actually burst into flames. :)

elise said...

Will try to attend knit night. Hope to see you and the cardi then.

Vivian said...

I won't be flying in for the knit night :-( hope you have lots of fun and not have to think about the lemons for an evening.

I love Lisa Lloyd's new book too, and I'm glad to have you as my friend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karin, I had fun last night. Thanks. That thing we discussed is from 1 to 3. Let me know what you think. Cathy O